The 4 Most Important Words in Cyber Security

Article by: Nicholas Oles (Cyber Security Expert – Guest Blogger and Former ComDoc Employee)

What if I told you all of your problems could be solved in four easy words? What if these four words could save you time, money, embarrassment, productivity, efficiency, and put you on the fast track to being one of the most well-liked associates and friends to ever walk the face of the earth?

Ok, so first maybe it is a little excessive to state that all of your problems will be solved, but these four words could solve all of your cyber problems. I promise we will discuss this in more detail, but first, let’s understand more about the problem.

Every single day organizations suffer from cyber incidents that result in a myriad of undesirable outcomes impacting end users in all geographic locations, industries, and levels of business. A cyber incident is broadly categorized as any activity that violates a predetermined policy potentially impacting the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of an information system.

These cyber incidents are often correlated and investigated further revealing a much larger scaled occurrence referred to as a data breach. Data breaches often have a larger impact and occur when the information is removed from a trusted environment and released to an unknown environment or entity. The complexity and creativeness of these attacks are limited only to the imagination of the attacker.

You are probably wondering, how does this impact me? I don’t have anything to hide, or worst case if my information does get compromised the company will give me free credit reporting! So what if I play FarmVille, Pokémon Go, and Fortnite all while streaming it on Twitch? The answer is almost every cyber-attack reported to date has some human element that was preventable. Associates are the most valuable assets to an organization, and in cyber security, they can be your best ally or worst enemy.

This brings us to the most four important words that will help protect you and your organization:

Think before you click.

This simple statement should permeate throughout your personal and professional life. Every time you receive an email containing a suspicious link, attachment or message think twice before clicking.

  • The sketchy website that is offering a free Amazon gift card for doing nothing, think again about submitting your information.
  • The too-good-to-be-true email from a Nigerian prince offering you a fortune might not be the best move for you professionally or personally to send money.
  • The guy on Craigslist that is offering $5,000 over your asking price for the used car you’re selling if you’re willing to accept a money order from his “assistant.”

All of these are examples in which attackers bank on you to interact with the desired target, often times through the click of a mouse. One of the constants from almost every major cyber breach is that cyber actors – think bad guys – need people to be successful.

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About the Author
Nicholas Oles

Nicholas Oles

Prior to his current Cyber Security Professional career, Nick has worked in Information Technology and Cyber Security roles for Goodyear, the US Army, and ComDoc. Considered an expert in his field, Nick has extensive experience in incident response, risk mitigation, and has a Masters of Science degree in Cybersecurity.

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