4 Videos You Need to Watch If You’re in Marketing or Printing

Print is as powerful as ever. Leading this surge is none other than the iconic Xerox brand. With their innovative inkjet technology, Xerox is re-inventing and creating exciting marketing applications like triggered direct mail, personalized content, end to end workflow automation, and more!

Designed for marketers and print shops, these solutions and the applications they produce are perfect for any type of industry. Check out these four videos and get inspired to transform the way you work!

The Power of Print

Can Triggered Direct Mail change your business?

Direct mail may just be the success to your future marketing efforts. If you’ve invested substantial resources in digital marketing and aren’t getting the results you desired, maybe it’s time to investigate the power of triggered direct mail.

Xerox is making it more accessible than ever for organizations to dive into the power and flexibility of triggered direct mail with the combination of innovative solutions like XMPie and other integrations.

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The power of the technology to be able to produce it at the scale the brand wanted it. Is only now that this combination has come together. Helene Blanchette
Global Vice President Marketing, Graphic Communication Solutions

Innovation Spotlight

Can Inkjet Accelerate The Future?

The future of inkjet can be described with one word. Speed.

Xerox is pushing the needle on inkjet capabilities. With speeds up to 300 images per minute, this new wave of inkjet printing is opening the door to new applications like direct mailing, catalogs, books on-demand, and more!

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Hybrid Apps

Better Together

Can one technology bring out the best in all? If that technology is inkjet, then the answer is “yes!”

By combining inkjet with other end to end printing workflows, you have the power to create personalized communications, innovative products, and experience bottom line savings.

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End to End Workflow

How Show Daily is Printed by Xerox

From customization, creation, and production, Xerox’s innovative end to end workflow automation solutions are changing the approach to printing.

In one effortless and seamless integration, personalized documents can be created, printed, cut, stacked, and bound. This type of flexible production enables you to directly target your audience and allows you to be more agile in your approach to marketing.

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