Here are the final Prop Bet results from this year’s game:

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1. Will the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 2 minutes?
Result: Longer (2:01)
+10 Points

2. Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
Result: Tails
+5 Points

3. What will the first play from scrimmage be?
Result: Run
+5 Points

4. Which team will score the first points of the game?
Result: New England
+10 Points

5. How will the first points of the game be scored?
Result: Field Goal
+5 Points

6. Which defense records the first turnover the game?
Result: Los Angeles
+10 Points

7. Which team will be ahead at halftime?
Result: New England
+10 Points

8. Which song will Adam Levine’s band open the halftime show with?
Result: Harder to Breathe
+5 Points

9. Will lead singer, Adam Levine, begin with a hat on his head?
Result: No
+10 Points

10. Will Christina Aguilera join Maroon 5 on stage during the show?
Result: No
Gamble | +20 points if guessed correctly. -20 points if guessed incorrectly. No change if skipped.

11. Which team will win the big game?
Result: New England
+50 Points

12. Will the total combined score be over or under 42 points?
Result: Under
+15 Points

13. What color will the sports drink splash be at the celebration? 
Result: Blue
+5 Points

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