Secure Online Faxing and FoIP Services

ComDoc and XMedius can help bring online faxing to your workplace effortlessly and securely

XMedius is a leading global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for Secure File Exchange. It allows companies to safely exchange vital and confidential information, either through on-premises or cloud deployments.

The XMediusFAX® solutions suite transforms the manual handling of your organization’s inbound and outbound data transmissions into a managed business workflow. XMediusFAX software solutions are designed and continuously optimized to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and keep companies compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

ComDoc and XMedius can help transform the way your company sends and receives data. Learn more today!

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What can ComDoc and Xmedius do for your faxing?

ComDoc can help bring the power and versatility of online faxing and FoIP (faxing over IP [internet protocol]) to your organization with solutions from XMedius


XMedius can bring your office a highly secure file exchange solution that would be an alternative to traditional telecom infrastructures.

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From  cloud and on-premise implementations to the ability to add modules; XMedius is a solution that you can grow with.

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With a simple and intuitive user interface, your workforce can quickly adapt to the XMedius online faxing and FoIP platforms.

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Get started today! ComDoc and XMedius can help transform the way your business sends and receives faxes!

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