Workplace Automation

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ComDoc and JobRouter can help bring automation, document management, and data management to your workplace

Beyond BPM

JobRouter® manages your business processes and facilitates a swift transition to Digital Process Automation.

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Beyond ERP

JobRouter® complements your ERP system and enhances the agility of operational processes in your organization.

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Beyond DMS

JobRouter® manages ​your documents and generates digital content ​based on any complex data structures.

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Digital Process Automation

JobRouter® is a Digital Transformation Platform for process automation, document management and data management. The variety of integrated interfaces and modules makes JobRouter® the most powerful platform for automating practically any scenario in the field of BPM and Digital Process Automation – whether it’s for core operational business processes or for driving digital transformation initiatives.

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Agile Document Management

​With its agile components, JobRouter® combines business processes and document management to create one integrated solution. Whether you want to fully integrate the JobRouter archives into your Windows file system, archive your emails from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, create documents dynamically from process data, or integrate documents with your ERP or accounting systems – your documents are always in good hands with JobRouter®.

With ComDoc and ​JobRouter® You Can Optimizeand Automate Business Processes Across All Company Departments

​​Finance & Administration

​Accounts payable management
​​Accounts receivable management
​​Contract management
​Budget management
​​Expenses tracking
​Human Resources

​New hire process

​​Onboarding & offboarding
​​Expense processing
​​Vaca​tion processing
​List Element
​​Contract management
​​​Operations & Procurement

​Order processing

​​Inventory management
​​Purchasing management
​​Product life cycle
​​Supplier management
​​Resource allocation
​​Construction planning
​​Facilities Management
​List Element
​​Web Portals

​​​Vendor Portals

​​Customer Portals
​​Parent Portals (Schools)
​​Quality Management

​Audit management

​​Incident reporting
​Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA)
​​Standard Operating Procedures (E-SOP)
​​Help Desk / Support processes​

Industry Related Use Cases

​​Public Sector / Government ​
​​K-12 Schools / Education
​​Health Care / Medical Devices
​​Financial Services / Insurance

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