A.R.D. Marketing Aims for Savings Up to 50% with New Rialto 900 Inkjet Press

By transitioning from pre-printed offset shells and laser over-printing to full color variable inkjet printing, Xerox brings unprecedented ability to balance cost, quality and speed to direct mail

A.R.D. Marketing, wholesale agency direct mail printer relied on combining pre-printed color offset shells and laser over printing to produce variable data direct mail letters. The process included warehousing preordered offset shells which came at a high cost and high waste of unused shells. When Greg Peplin, Founder and CEO of A.R.D., learned that Xerox Rialto® 900 Inkjet Press could reduce his costs, improve productivity, and optimize his real estate, he realized he had an easy investment decision to make.

Because I can purchase paper in rolls instead of boxed offset shells, I’m saving up to 50 percent from reducing preprinted waste and operational time to complete jobs, which also reduces my time to market,

– Greg Peplin, Founder and CEO of A.R.D. (Pictured above)

As Xerox’s smallest, most productive, continuous feed inkjet press available today, the Rialto 900 scales with a company’s expansion into inkjet printing. In addition, the Rialto 900 Inkjet Press was a good fit because of its small footprint.

“Factory floor space is a premium, and it’s critical we look at space used for a high return on productivity. The Rialto press is extremely fast for the small space it uses,” said Peplin. “We are in a growth mode and want to ensure there is enough space to add additional technologies soon.”

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