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Article by: Tyler Kairys (Senior Marketing Analyst • ComDoc, A Xerox Company)

Sometimes it’s easy for us to get stuck in our ways, to get complacent and comfortable. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of businesses replace their multi-functional copiers, and the majority of the time it’s requested that their new machines be configured exactly the same as the previous devices. I’d often ask myself, “why?” When there is a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device we collectively fawn over the new capabilities and imagine the thousands of possibilities at our fingertips.

Why don’t we do the same thing with our office equipment, particularly printers and multi-functional copiers?

2018 saw Xerox debut their new revolutionary ConnectKey copiers and printers as part of the largest product launch in company history. While improvements and features were added to all copy and print functions, the most noticeable upgrades are in the way organizations can scan and share documents. With a lot of organizations moving towards digitizing paper records for more efficient collaboration, it’s easy to see that software developers have taken notice, and decided to implement integrations that make scanning documents more intuitive and streamlined with other common business applications.

Being able to quickly scan a document and have a copier email it can be a huge time-saver, but what if we could take things even further?

What if we could make it even easier for us to scan documents? Would being able to create automated workflows from physical data on scanned pages make your workplace more efficient? What about scanning files to the cloud directly from your copier? Integrating Active Directory services for customized applications?

If any of these are questions you ask yourself, maybe it’s time to rethink the way your organization is scanning.

Here are some of the best ways you can upgrade your scanning to the next level:

Integrate Employee ID Badges

Typically seen as a burden, yet is a mere necessity to get in the building. Imagine being able to turn your employee identification badges into a catalyst for time-saving scanning applications.  By integrating your employee ID badges (swipe cards, FOBs, barcodes, finger print sensors, etc) with your copiers you can make it easier for your team to send their scanned files exactly where they need to go.

By authenticating into the device, it’s possible for scanned documents to automatically route to a user’s home directory (as defined in Active Directory) or any other predetermined destination, like an email address or shared network folder. Not only does this make scanning easier for your employees, it can also make managing scan destinations centralized, eliminating the need to program new users into multiple devices.

As an added benefit, integrating your employee identification badges adds an extra level of security to your printing and scanning equipment. By constructing access control lists, you can create user permissions granting (or denying) access to certain devices and particular functions within.

Integrating scanning with employee ID badges is ideal for:

  • Education (K-12, higher education, colleges, and universities)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, healthcare networks, insurance organizations)
  • Organizations and offices with a large user base

Compatible products:

Scan to the Cloud

One of the biggest upgrades Xerox brought to their ConnectKey line of copiers and printers is the ability to integrate cloud services with everyday printing and scanning tasks. Now your team can scan and collaborate with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, Blackboard, Salesforce, and more!

Perfect for any office that has a large mobile workforce, scanning to cloud services allows your team to work and securely share documents together from anywhere!

Cloud scanning is ideal for:

Compatible products:

Automated Scanning Workflows

Does your organization work with paper documents like delivery slips, purchase orders, invoices, or any type of file that has dynamic data printed on it? Would it be an enormous efficiency boost if those files could be automatically delivered to their intended destination as soon as they are scanned?  If so, maybe it’s time to upgrade your scanning to the next level with automated scanning workflows. 

Imagine being able to create automations in which files could be delivered and stored based on the pertinent data found on the physical page. Invoices could automatically be sent to your accounting department, and filed accordingly into the appropriate directories. Reduce hospital fax volume by having patient record files scanned and automatically routed to the designated physician’s iPad or tablet. Convert legal documents to text searchable PDF files while they are being digitally archived in the client’s directory with all other corresponding matter. The possibilities are endless and can be completely customized to each office’s unique needs.

Important note: It should be mentioned that creating automated scanning workflows is no easy task and requires partnering with a vendor that has experience and success with similar organizations within the same industry type. If you’re thinking about bringing scanning workflow automations to your business, make sure to reach out to a company like ComDoc to start laying the groundwork for a business changing transformation.

Automated scanning workflows are perfect for every industry, including:

  • Manufacturing (Delivery slips and purchase orders)
  • Education (Exams, tests, curriculum packets, and on-boarding documents)
  • Legal (Client records and invoices)
  • Healthcare (Patient records and invoices)
  • Government (Invoices and work orders)
  • Retail (Proposals, invoices, and purchase orders)
  • Finance (Invoices and purchase orders)

Compatible products:

Next time you’re in front of a multifunctional printer/copier with a scanner ask yourself, “Is there a better to do this?” If you think there is, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your scanning to the next level.

We can help you upgrade your scanning!

Streamline workflows and tame complex processes in any office setting with Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices and apps for your workplace. Ideal for working professionals in the banking, engineering, legal, healthcare, education, and retail industries.

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Tyler Kairys

Tyler Kairys currently serves as a Senior Marketing Specialist for ComDoc, A Xerox Company. Before joining our marketing team, Tyler spent nearly ten years as a System Analyst at ComDoc where he helped customers implement Xerox technology and all of our offerings on their network. Prior to ComDoc, Tyler spent time with Best Buy's Geek Squad where he worked with clients everyday helping them choose, install, and maintain the technology they use in their homes everyday.

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