The Case for Triggered Direct Mail

Article By: Tyler Kairys (Senior Marketing Specialist  •  ComDoc, A Xerox Company)

Direct mail is not dead. Wait, what?

You’ve probably heard it from everybody, “what are you doing wasting time on direct mail!?” You’re probably being pushed towards a focus on digital content and guided to dump those old-fashioned print campaigns. While it’s absolutely accurate, digital isn’t going anywhere, it’s also extremely important to understand why direct mail is not dead, in fact, it may be the key to your future marketing campaigns.

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Over 1/4 of desktop users block ads

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) estimates that over 25% of desktop users are utilizing some sort of ad blocking software or web browser plugin(1).

Does that mean you should abandon your entire digital marketing efforts? Absolutely not! What it does imply is that you should ensure that your digital content contains some sort of value-add to your targets. It also indicates that direct mail could be a huge opportunity to make sure you’re reaching an audience that may be missing your messaging.

What should you do? Combine your online efforts with triggered direct mail. Consider replacing traditional digital campaign triggers like abandoned carts, seasonal promotions, and even onboarding messaging with triggered direct mail campaigns. You may be surprised at the results.

(Infographic provided by Xerox)

Deliver highly relevant and tailored messaging…even on paper

One argument against direct mail campaigns has always been how relevant the messaging could be. There may be a stigma that direct mail is still nothing more than putting someone’s name on a postcard. With today’s integrations, that could not be further from the truth.

With the right applications, equipment, and design, direct mail can be just as personal and customized as your digital efforts.

While there is no getting around the fact that direct mail has higher costs than their digital channels, there is certainly proof that it’s worth it and with current technology it’s never been more accessible and affordable.

(Infographic provided by Xerox)

(Infographic provided by Xerox)

Creativity can bring an audience

A former colleague of mine always advocated the importance of creating lumpy mail; something that disrupts the normal flow of standard sized efforts. The most creative work is always the one that differentiates itself from its peers, and “how can I stand out?” is always at the top of my list when creating a new piece of content.

With modern printing technology, direct mailing campaigns can be so much more than just personalized messaging printed on paper. Take the Xerox Iridesse for instance, this is a machine that can print gold, silver, and other metallic inks on a variety of unique paper stocks. This opens up a world of possibilities to develop eye-catching marketing campaigns that will certainly get your message noticed.

The Xerox Versant and other production presses are able to print on 3D paper like product packaging boxes. Imagine being able to create a triggered direct mail campaign that would send a potential customer a product sample in custom printed packaging!

It’s possible that a lot has changed since you last investigated the capabilities of direct mail. There’s no better time than now to start looking again!

Where do I get started?

Download this free guide provided by Xerox to learn:

  • How to understand what data is available about your consumers.
  • The best tools and technologies to enable you to use that data to send consumers the communication that is most likely to persuade them to purchase.
  • How to maximize your direct mail automation by investing in the right prepress and production suite.
  • How to use structured tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of triggered direct mail as part of integrated campaigns.

Don’t forget to schedule a technology demonstration with a proven partner like ComDoc. We can show you the power of Xerox printing technology and how it can help you effortlessly create integrated marketing campaigns. The best part? You can do it from the comfort of your desk with our interactive live virtual demonstrations!

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Triggered direct mail complements omni-channel strategies and serves all stages of the customer lifecycle. It also appeals to millennials, who move
freely between offline and online experiences. Learn more by downloading this free resource!
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