Spring Cleaning with DocuShare® Flex

Optimize Your Workplace

Now that the weather is finally breaking, it’s getting to be that time of year again where we start looking at the mess around us to figure out ways to tidy up. Spring cleaning isn’t just something you do at home, it can occur in your workplace as well. This spring, instead of finding more filing cabinets for that paper clutter make the change to DocuShare Flex!

DocuShare Flex is a powerful tool that can help your business make every day processes easier. Document sharing, capture, and management through DocuShare Flex will enhance your workplace and help put an end to the paper trails that take up so much clutter in the office. If that isn’t enough, DocuShare Flex will also help to reduce costs to your business and save time in the process!

Save Time, Save Money, Save Paper

With DocuShare Flex, your workday can go from a cluttered mess of confusion to an organized, cost-effective workflow to alleviate some of the stress that comes with business.

  • Save time by automating more of your daily tasks. No one wants to spend their day bogged down by the same process again and again. Take the initiative to cast the frustration aside and embrace the power of DocuShare Flex’s ability to automate and drive common business processes such as contract management and HR onboarding.
  • Save money by utilizing toolkits such as Accounts Payable Automation which will cut back on the time, labor, and cost of processing invoices! Have DocuShare Flex grow with your business so you’re never paying for more than you currently need.
  • Save paper through the use of Webforms in an effort to go paperless. With intuitive forms online that will allow people to access and capture data quickly and effectively. Manage your documents and data through custom workflows and document types. Rely less on everyday paper trails.

Access From Anywhere, Securely

DocuShare Flex can be accessed by a PC, Xerox ConnectKey copier/printer, and even a mobile device through the DocuShare Flex app. This lets you take your documents with you wherever you go. You won’t be reliant on having to be in the office to view a document, or approve one. Instead, once signed in you will be able to access your documents from your phone to quickly do processes otherwise time-consuming.

With encrypted user authentication, scheduled backups, off-site storage, and site replication, you’ll have the industry best in cloud security. Coupled with the security, administrators can further control who can access, author, archive, and view documents through DocuShare Flex.

This spring, leave the vacuum in the closet, and make your workplace cleaner and more efficient with DocuShare Flex!

Get your documents organized!

Take the leap to a more streamline and efficient workplace. Learn more about DocuShare Flex and the improvements it can make to your daily business operations!

Try it out today!

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