Life Without Managed Print Services

 Article By: Tyler Kairys (Senior Marketing Specialist  •  ComDoc, A Xerox Company)

Every once and a while it’s refreshing to approach projects from a different perspective. In the past, we’ve featured articles highlighting the benefits of integrating a Managed Print Services program into your workplace. It’s an incredibly easy topic to talk about as there are a ton of perks that come with MPS (Managed Print Services), but sometimes statistics and percentages can be harder to relate to when compared to real life scenarios.

Let’s try to look at things from a different angle. Let’s paint a picture of a “Life Without Managed Print Services.”

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A Life Without Managed Print Services Means…

You’re going to spend a lot of time ordering and organizing supplies for the wide variety of printers in your office

Take a minute and think about how many different types of printers you have in your office. HP, Dell, Samsung, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox? Minimally, you probably deploy a few different models. It’s even likely that you have printers of varying manufacturers. Some may be (shudders) inkjets while others may be laser printers with different types of toner cartridges.

If that sounds like your environment, ordering supplies for your printers is likely not as easy it should be. Not only do you have to account for different consumables for a variety of printers, what happens when a printer breaks and you have to replace it? You’re left with a bunch of toner that you can’t use.

A Managed Print Services program ensures that:

  • Ordering supplies is simple and in some cases it can be automated.
  • Standardized printing models means a simpler approach to supplies, support, and the user experience.

A Life Without Managed Print Services Means…

Your IT help desk will spend too much of their day fixing printers and not enough time completing more important tickets and tasks

Ask your IT or help desk team what they hate dealing with the most. You could double down that dealing with printers is going to pretty high on that list. Whether it’s fixing paper jams or troubleshooting random stuck jobs, your IT team is probably spending more time than they should be dealing with printers.

Ideally, they shouldn’t be spending any time on printer support. Modern offices have an abundance of technology, software, and integrations that your support staff must maintain to keep operations flowing smoothly. By relieving them from the hassle of having to tackle printer issues you’re ensuring that other, more important processes are getting the attention they deserve.

A Managed Print Services solution will:

  • Reduce the call volume for your help desk and IT staff by eliminating support requests for printing related tasks.
  • Improve printing efficiency and uptime by having a dedicated service line to expert support.

A Life Without Managed Print Services Means…

You’ll keep discovering confidential documents left near your printers

Have you even taken a stroll to pick up your own prints and discovered confidential documents just sitting near the printer? Maybe it’s a pay stub or maybe it’s an employee file from human resources? We can’t explain why they don’t make it to the shredder that is conveniently located near the device, but sometimes it just happens.

Every type of organization (legal, health care, education, etc) will deal with confidential printing at some point and it’s very likely they could be doing it more securely.

Working with a Managed Print Services expert will:

  • Help you create the right type of secure printing environment for your workplace.
  • Lock printers from unauthorized use and create access control through PIN codes, key cards, finger print sensors, and more.
  • Ensure that not only the physical paper is securely delivered, but also the data as it’s transmitted to the printer.

A Life Without Managed Print Services Means…

When it comes time to evaluate your budget, you’ll have no idea how much you’re spending on printing costs

Let’s be honest, do you know how much your business spends on printing related costs? Not just how much you spent on toner last year. How much did you spend on paper? What about service? Did you replace any printers? Do you know how much your spending every time you print a document?

It’s totally fine if you don’t know. In fact, Gartner estimates that 90% of companies have no idea how much they spend annually on printing.

No matter the reason, understanding exactly what you spend on printing will help you determine where you can allocate resources for future projects and expansion.

A Managed Print Services program will:

  • Provide analytic data (ComDoc uses the ComDoc 360App powered by FM Audit) to help you discover a true total cost of ownership (TCO) for your printers.
  • Develop a strategy to help define printing costs so your business knows what to expect when it comes time to create budget.
  • Create customized rules (color control, job routing, output limits) to help drive lower printing costs.

Did any of those sound familiar?

If so, download this free eBook to learn more about how a Managed Print Services solution can benefit your workplace. Inside you’ll discover four areas of your print environment that are ripe for major savings – and see how a managed services partner can help.

  1. Centralized management: Cut down on the time and resources you spend managing your print environment. Simplify purchasing, maintenance, supplies, and billing.
  2. Device optimization: Ensure your people have the right devices – no more, no less. Trim energy consumption and spending through reduced paper, ink and toner use.
  3. Process efficiency: Accelerate print processes onsite and on the go, and use preventative and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.
  4. Document management: Digitize paper files and automate bulk and routine print jobs, so your people are free to spend more time on the things that really matter

Download "Print for Less with MPS" to learn more!

In this ebook, you’ll discover a few areas of your print environment that are ripe for major savings – and see how a managed print services partner can help.
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    Thanks for pointing out that we should make a strategy to define printing costs so we know what to expect. The company I work for is considering working with a managed print service soon. Your advice should really help out as we try to find the best company.

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