How to Get Rid of Your Fax Machines

Article By: Tyler Kairys
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The concept of sending a fax (or facsimile) has been around since the mid-1800’s. However, the “fax machine” as we know it today, began to take form when the Xerox Corporation introduced LDX (Long Distance Xerography) in 1964. This technology was then brought into the Xerox Magnafax Telecopier in 1966 which could be connected to a telephone line and transmit a document in about six minutes time. Since then, faxing technology has undergone several modifications, but the concept has always been universally similar; sending a paper document through traditional phone lines to a recipient.

You could objectively say that faxing was at its peak during the 1980’s and 1990’s, and has undoubtedly outlived many other technological marvels from that era. Nevertheless, just like VHS, pagers, bag phones, and others from that time have become obsolete; fax machines will soon find their place in the relics of our business technology past.


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However, faxing isn’t dead… yet!

In fact, many industries still rely on fax machines daily, especially organizations that find themselves in the healthcare field. While internet security and encryption capabilities begin to rise, many policies involving how confidential documents can be transmitted will certainly open towards digital endeavors, leaving many organizations with a decision on how they want to replace their traditional fax machines.


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Need some ideas on how to get rid of your fax machines? Here are a few solutions and offerings that can help!



Cleo Streem logo

Cleo Streem is a secure network fax and communications system that eliminates the need for stand-alone devices and analog phone lines. Documents can be digitally faxed through email or via a seamlessly integrated app on your Xerox ConnectKey interface for a more traditional user experience. Know exactly what’s going on during the paper trail with updates and notifications via email, phone, or text.


Cleo Streem fax communication workflow


Cleo Streem is perfect for any type of industry the regularly handles the manual process of traditional faxing.


  • Stay secure with HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX compliance
  • Save money by eliminating analog fax machines, phone lines, and consumables for hard-copy faxing
  • Easily integrate with back-end systems for automated fax and messaging


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About Cleo

Cleo is the global leader in enterprise integration solutions, enabling both ease and excellence in business data movement and orchestration. A global software company that delivers ecosystem-driven cloud integration solutions focused on business outcomes, Cleo ensures each customer’s potential is realized by delivering technology that makes it easy to discover and create value through the movement and integration of enterprise data.

With over 40 years of experience solving complex integration needs and over 8,000 active customers worldwide, Cleo offers enterprise integration software and MFT solutions that are exceptionally easy to install and use. Cleo solutions handle the most comprehensive requirements of enterprise and multi-enterprise integration and include a library of over 900 pre-configured integration profiles to further speed your implementation and day-to-day operations.

By providing the industry’s most complete and flexible integration offerings, Cleo helps companies build trusted relationships across their partner ecosystem today, while providing all the control and visibility they need to advance their business tomorrow. Whether you need to make one connection or thousands, Cleo has the right solution for you.




Kno2 is a cloud based fax solution, ideal for the healthcare industry

Kno2 is a cloud fax service specifically designed for healthcare organizations and large hospital networks. Kno2 aids healthcare providers by optimizing the flow of information while protecting and encrypting all patient information with HIPAA-compliant security standards for electronic Protected Health Information (PHI).



With Kno2, hospital networks are able to efficiently and securely share electronic information with various patient care networks, referral networks, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) across the nation. Patient information can be queried electronically, eliminating the hassle of waiting and the extraneous cost of maintaining a traditional fax device.

A seamless transition for end users can be created by integrating the Kno2 service with traditional copiers and multifunctional devices, like the Xerox ConnectKey line of VersaLinks and AltaLinks. This allows your team to electronically transmit and receive documents within an intuitive fax-like environment that they are used to.


  • Integrated National Provider Directory to create a secure data sharing network
  • Send, receive, find, and use any content. C-CDA (Clinical Document Architecture), unstructured data, PDF, images, and more. Kno2 allows you to absorb content directly into the patient record.
  • Easily adaptable for multi-site organizations


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About Kno2

Kno2 is leading healthcare’s path to interoperability across every patient care setting. Kno2: Interoperability as a Service™ (Iaas) turns on connectivity to millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find and use patient information with everyone. Kno2’s IaaS enables access to providers via cloud faxing, Direct secure messaging, patient information query and patient care networks (Referrals, ACOs, HIEs) guided by connectivity assessments and analytics.




XMedius logo


XMediusXMedius preview on iOS devices can bring online faxing to your workplace effortlessly and securely. The XMediusFAX suite transforms the manual handling of your organization’s traditional inbound and outbound faxing into a managed business workflow. With a simple and intuitive user interface, your workforce will be able to quickly adapt to the XMedius online faxing and FoIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol [IP]) platforms. The XMedius platform enables your users to send faxes directly from their desktop, multifunctional printer or copier, laptop, iPhone, Android device, and more! Sending a fax through XMedius is as simple as sending an email.

A true enterprise solution, XMedius allows you to streamline your organization’s workflow. With enhanced capabilities like the ability to auto-populate cover pages and create text-searchable PDFs, you can rest easy knowing that your team can get the productivity boost it needs. Flexible and scalable, XMedius is a faxing solution that can grow and meet the demands of any business within any industry.


  • Save money by using existing IP infrastructure and eliminate the cost of analog phone lines and physical supplies
  • HIPAA compliance allows XMedius to integrate with healthcare organizations
  • Fax from anywhere with support for iOS (iPhones), Android, and more!


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About XMedius

XMedius is a global leader in the field of secure enterprise communications solutions. Our solutions leverage IT infrastructures while addressing customers’ mission-critical applications. Headquartered in Montreal (Canada) with offices in Seattle (USA) and Paris (France), we serve enterprises and service providers through a global team of customer focused employees.

With more than 20+ million users, 50,000 installations worldwide, XMedius is a perfect fit for SMBs, large enterprises, public organizations and service providers. XMedius solutions address a wide spectrum of markets including healthcare, government, education, finance, legal, hospitality, and more.



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