5 Ways to Tell That You Need a Managed IT Services Partner

Article By: Jeff Vohs (IT Services Manager  •  ComDoc, A Xerox Company)

Even the most prepared workplaces can come to a full stop when their technology falters.

Today, organizations in all types of industries are choosing to offload some (or all) of their technology needs to Managed IT Services partners.

The benefits are endless, but how do you know if a Managed IT Services partner is right for you? Check out these five telltale signs below. If you experience any one of them, it may be time to investigate how a Managed IT Services partner can improve the way you work.

1. Technology related issues are falling through the cracks

The most common reason our customers begin investigating Managed IT Services is because they are experiencing too much downtime due to technology related issues. While not exactly an eye-opening revelation, what’s more surprising is that we hear these comments from organizations of all sizes, within nearly every type of industry, and even ones with fully staffed IT teams already in place.

Consider this: If you do not already have a dedicated technology support team in place, you need to look into a Managed IT Services provider. Businesses rely on technology too much these days not to have the reassurance of dedicated support in their back pocket.

With that said, even if you already have an IT support team on site, a Managed IT Services partner should be considered as a compliment to their existing efforts. Today’s workplace technology is so much more than just fixing broken laptops and desktops. IT teams are relied upon to support audio/visual equipment, internet phone systems, software applications, cloud services, and much more. By integrating a helpdesk provided by a Managed IT Services partner you can free your own team to focus on more important tasks and planning for future projects.

If you notice that small things are starting to pile up, it’s time to start reaching out and learning more about how Managed IT Services can help your business.

How Managed IT Services helps:

  • Acts as your dedicated IT support team or compliments your existing staff
  • Access to an expertly staffed help desk that can resolve issues remotely
  • Relieves burden from your onsite IT teams and let’s them focus on more important tasks
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2. Your workplace has no standardization practices in place

Every organization has the opportunity to integrate technology and create automations with their existing processes and applications. However, it can become increasingly difficult to do so when you start uncovering the sheer number of different devices, software, and workflows within the existing infrastructure.

A Managed IT Services partner can work with your team through a consultative approach to help you get started with creating a standardized tech infrastructure.

From creating security policies to ensuring the same hardware is issued across your entire workgroup, your first step towards creating a more efficient workplace is standardizing your environment.

How a Managed IT Services partner helps:

  • Creates a blueprint for your technology needs
  • Implements best practices to ensure software version control and hardware refresh cycles
  • Develops a standardized environment that can help drive costs and support times down drastically
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3. There are no proactive support practices or disaster recovery solutions in place

It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming reactive when technical issues arise. However, sooner than later those problems can pile up and create a massive bottleneck that will undoubtedly halt the entire workday.

By implementing remote monitoring solutions, a Managed IT Services partner will create a proactive support environment that will identify potential obstacles and remedy them before they create downtime.

How Manged IT Services helps:

  • Alerts and remedies technical issues before they occur with remote monitoring applications
  • Develops a hardware refresh cycle to ensure devices are operating at maximum efficiency
  • Delivers peace of mind with disaster recovery solutions to guarantee the safekeeping of your business data
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4. Your IT budget is impossible to predict, and is often higher than anticipated

Technology budgets are near impossible to predict. From the wavering costs of software licensing fees to replacing defective hardware, it’s easy to see your estimated budget  skyrocket due to one simple request or issue.

The beauty of a Managed IT Services program is that it comes to you at a fixed cost. 

Additionally, by partnering with a Managed IT Services provider you may be able to save money when it comes time to purchasing new hardware. By creating a standardized infrastructure you’ll discover the opportunity to procure devices in bulk when needed which could lead to drastically reduced costs.

How a Managed IT Services partner helps:

  • Makes budgeting easier by offerings services and solutions at fixed rates
  • Creates an opportunity to purchase new devices and hardware at discounted costs
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5. There is no technology roadmap for future growth

Everybody has a plan for the future, personal or professional. A workplace should be no different.

Even if you have a technology goal in place, can you be assured you’ll reach it? Building and maintaining IT infrastructure is one of the most time consuming things for businesses of any size. Sometimes it’s easy to see how future goals can be pushed aside or forgotten as they give way to the need of everyday tasks and support requests.

ComDoc’s Managed IT Services program grants you access to your very own Virtual CIO (also known as a vCIO). This impartial liaison will take a consultative approach to guiding your organization’s technology vision. From purchasing guidance to planning implementation, our Virtual CIO is the perfect compliment to your technology projects.

What is a Virtual CIO?

  • A Virtual CIO is a unique offering from ComDoc’s Managed IT Services. This dedicated agent will offer guidance and direction for the future technology goals of your workplace. By offering regular performance updates and guidance, you can rest assured your technology goals will be met.
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Ready to learn more and get started?

If you can attest to any of these signs, you may want to start looking into a Managed IT Services program for your business. ComDoc can help with that! Contact us today to learn more!

About the Author
Jeff Vohs

Jeff Vohs

Having spent 33 years in the IT field, I’ve seen most everything, and done quite a lot. I’ve spent the last 10 years building a world class, redundant, forward-thinking environment for ComDoc. Partners can now work on production systems from wherever they want, whenever they want; the office, the home, or the beach. When not thinking about technology, I enjoy running, biking, and spending time with my family.

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