5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence for the Print Industry

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to open up lucrative new revenue streams for print businesses by improving the effectiveness of the end-to-end printing process, from print job creation through to continuous production and machine service optimizations.

For most, producing personalized catalogs on digital presses is too costly, and manually adding personalization into static catalogs is cumbersome. (And forget about creating digital versions for the web and mobile.) Watch how the Xerox Personalized Catalog Solution changes everything.

Printers use AI to automate tasks that were previously bottlenecks in the printing process – increasing the business’ daily output. Alternatively, you might decide to offload some of the more routine work to a machine in order to enable your team to focus on more strategic work. A few examples:

Smart Algortihms

Smart algorithms in Xerox FreeFlow software figure out different document layouts, such as optimizing imposition in order to minimize printed waste.

Direct Mail and Catalogs

In direct mail and catalogs, as more data about the mail recipients becomes available, you can now use that data create even more relevant mailings by automatically customizing the job content for the recipient.

Job Submission

In job submission, Xerox FreeFlow smart software can monitor which presses are busy and route new jobs to available presses.


Self-monitoring presses, like the iGen 5, constantly check themselves with many sensors. They use this information to make real-time in-process adjustments for things like paper alignment and image quality. This automation provides the best possible printing outcomes without human intervention.

Data and Analytics

Data about the press can be sent back to Xerox where our people use tools and algorithms to analyze it, compare it to expected performance, and identify software updates or adjustments that a technician should make. Predictive analytics that determines the need for service before the machine fails are closer than you might think.

What Artificial Intelligence Does for Print Shops

In the spirit of coming down to earth, printing companies have a very real opportunity to take advantage of existing software and equipment to bring AI to their businesses. Artificial intelligence gives print shops a huge opportunity to employ online data, or create targeted print catalogs or newsletters based on which pages the customer views.

So what are you waiting for? Step back, look at your current processes and see where you could use this revolutionary technology to unlock even greater value.

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