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Recycle Your Consumables

Recycle your used supplies and help us make the world a little cleaner.

​ComDoc's Supply Recycling Program

We work with our machine manufacturers to provide our clients a strong, cost-effective recycling program​ to see that empty toner bottles are recycled instead of disposed of.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of toner cartridges are recycled as a result of these programs. Help us work towards saving the environment by recycling your supplies after they are used up.  For more information on ComDoc's other sustainability and recycling standards, please visit our Green Initiatives page.

Please identify the manufacturer of your toner cartridges below, and then visit their corresponding websites to complete the recycling process.

Recycle Xerox Products​​


​Recycle Sharp Products


Recycle Konica Products​​

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Recycle HP Products

Other Brands

For recycling all other cartridges, please use the form on the Recycle Other Brands page. If your toner cartridge is not available in the dropdown list, please contact us at ​ or refer to the Recycling FAQ's page.